Court: Catholic school must hire ‘gay’ man

via Court: Catholic school must hire ‘gay’ man.


Whimsical Wimsey

What has happened to the lives that we had we have allowed the government to invade our lives and tell us what to think, what we can have what we can dream we ask ourselves what has happened to the American dream well my friends nothing has happened to the dream because it was just a dream and and we are just waking up and what a hangover we all have yes my friends the party is over and reality is smacking us dead upside the head we have been sold a bill of goods and now we have to pay the piper and cost is very hi yes the American dream was just a dream to get us to work our collective asses off so that they could infiltrate our homes and our families and to fill our heads with all kinds of garbage about truth justice and the American way they just left out the part about once you believe that

crap we can get them to believe any thing remember there’s a sucker born every minute just ask our president mister global warming he wants us Americans to clean up the planets and go broke doing it. It dose not matter that we cannot pay for it we’ll just rob our children of their futures and steal their parents pensions and then on to the old poor people and the their SSI checks and if you can no longer

afford your homes we will allow you to live off the equity of your parents and grandparents homes until their dead and there is nothing left to leave their children and even if you young people wanted to save the homes that your parents and grandparents wanted you to inherit your pay will be so meager you will not be able to refinance the mortgage to keep the family home and all you will inherit is the wind neat trick huh but you have just saved the planet and that is your legacy to your children now aren’t you proud. The American dream has now become your worst nightmare.

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