The W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Radical Leftward Drift

Summary: One of America’s oldest philanthropic organizations, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, was the brainchild of the famously apolitical cereal magnate. Founded almost a hundred years ago, the Kellogg Foundation has long since watered down its main mission—the welfare and medical…

Source: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Radical Leftward Drift

Open Borders

Unfortunately, Herring oversees grants related to keeping the U.S.-Mexico border wide open for illegal aliens and terrorists.

Under his leadership, the foundation gave $2,400,000 to the far-left racists of the National Council for La Raza for “general operating support” in 2015. A significant jump in Kellogg’s support for this organization: the foundation gave nothing to La Raza in 2014 and only $45,000 for a charitable “annual conference luncheon lecture”—a far-left speaker talking to a thousand or more La Raza members at its annual conference—in 2013.

The foundation maintains an office in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has doled out millions of dollars in grants to open-borders groups. One of them, El Centro De Igualdad y Derechos (The Center for Equality and Rights) is a “grassroots, Latino immigrant led organization based in Central New Mexico that works with Latino immigrant communities and allies to defend, strengthen, and advance the rights of our community,” according to its website.

The $125,000 grant El Centro received goes to “increase family stability for mixed status (presumably to both legal and illegal aliens) immigrant children by increasing the number of families who can start down a path to citizenship” (italics mine).

Another Albuquerque area open-borders group name La Plaza De Encuentro (The Meeting Place) received two grants from Kellogg totaling $400,000 in 2015. According to a story in Alibi, an alternative magazine in Albuquerque, the two groups worked together against SB 1070.


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