BREAKING: “Massive, Massive Scandal” Uncovered at DNC

This is HUGE.

Source: BREAKING: “Massive, Massive Scandal” Uncovered at DNC

The Investigation Heightens

It now appears that at least one member of Awan’s family should never have received top-secret clearance at all. The New York Post reports that Awan’s brother Abid had multiple criminal offenses, including a DUI conviction from one month before he was hired, something that Democrats were undoubtedly aware of.

Also suspicious is the fact that though none of them had extensive IT experience, the four family members and the family friend made over $4 million per year combined while working for the DNC.

As this scandal unfolds, Democrats will have to account for the vetting failures, cover-ups of misconduct and much more during this investigation. Will the media report on that?

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